Workshops and Presentations

In 2010 I became a Professional Development Associate for the BCTF.  This is a fancy term for a workshop facilitator.  I got to travel around the province facilitating the BCTF’s Assessment for Learning Workshop.  I found this work to be highly rewarding.  It allowed me to meet and work with teachers around the province who were interested in learning more about the impact formative assessment can have on their students’ learning.  It also helped me solidify my philosophies around assessment and teaching.  As an FA I have been asked by different groups and staffs to work with them while they continue on their assessment journey.  Most recently I have been off the workshop circuit as I have been work as Vice Principal in Surrey BC with my focus being on my classroom and school community.



26-27 October 2015 – Excellence Conference, Dawson Creek, B.C.

28 January 2015 – SFU – Mixed Module Presentation, Surrey, B.C. – Mind the Gap: (re)Examining, Schooling, Assessing and the Theory / Practice Divide


21 October 2014 – SFU Methodology Day, SFU Theatre, Burnaby, B.C.

22 September 2014 – SFU – 405 Student Teacher Symposium – Planning with the End in Mind: Approaches to Assessment in 405

18 September 2014 – SFU  – French and Fine & Performing Arts Module, Burnaby B.C. – Assessment, Motivation, Grading and Instruction

2 May 2014 – SFU Surrey – Surrey Teachers Association (STA) Convention, Surrey B.C. – Building Thematic Units from Book Room Offerings

31 March 2014 – Simon Fraser University Secondary Module, Burnaby, B.C. – Assessment In It’s Many Guises: Hunting Assumptions About Assessment in Secondary Schools

1 March 2014 – BCTF New Teachers Conference, Richmond, B.C. – Assessment that Informs Instruction

20 February 2014 – WestCAST 2014, Winnipeg, Manitoba – Dispositional Tuning: Reflecting the Change


22 November 2013 – Port Moody Secondary School – Planning With the End In Mind: Approaches to Summative Assessment

25 October 2013 – BCTELA Conference 2013 – Creating Thematic Units Using Inquiry

3 October 2013 – SFU Burnaby, Student Teacher Symposium Keynote – Assessment and Grading

26 September 2013 – Langley Fundamental and Middle School – Motivation and Assessment for Learning

28 August 2013 – Bear Creek Elementary School, Surrey – Formative Assessment and Assessment for Learning

4 July 2013 – SFU Burnaby – Assessment and Literacy in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom

3 May 2013 – SFU Surrey – Surrey Teachers Association (STA) Convention – AFL Approaches to Support Struggling Readers and Writers (with Cori Penner @CoriPenner)

2 March 2013 – BCTF New Teachers Conference – Session E01 Motivation, Engagement and Assessment


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